Are You Uncertain About Life After ESL?

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

In the last blog post that I posted on Facebook, I ended with a bold and some may think moonshot phrase... "The world is yours." 

Yes, it absolutely should be when you are dreaming or when you are in the very beginning stages of your next step. 

However, you should then move your thinking from the dream to the smallest micro-steps and start knocking off the checklist. This will help you slowly narrow in on what you want. You may already know exactly what you want. 

However, if you are undecided, then this blog post is tailor-made for you.

Actions For Clarity

1. I have kept a journal for over six years. That might be something you already do or maybe you are open to that now. There are so many different styles, but the one I like the most is the blank page. The free flowing consciousness brain dump. I did this years ago but really became comfortable with it after taking The Artist's Way course by Julia Cameron. The limitless piles of stuff that flows out of you at times is shocking. It is also extremely interesting when nothing comes at all and you sit at the page for twenty minutes with nothing coming out.

2. Another great exercise is to nail out your perfect day. You go into great detail about your surroundings and what you could be doing on an average day. You can start with the exact details but the feelings and emotions surrounding the day might be easier to flow with. Also, within each day it is so hard to predict what will happen. Sure the beginning and ending might be similar, but with so much uncertainty within our world it is impossible to predict the future.

The following blog post might also help you:

Planning For Life After ESL

Clueless on What To Do Next?!

You are not alone. I'll let you in on something that might be obvious to you or it might not. I have no clue what to do next either! From the moment I got to South Korea in December 2015 that has always been the question. What do people do after teaching English and what I was going to do after teaching English. Some people aren't made for living abroad and some have a clear plan to get in and get out. Those people seem to do well with the experience and are able to navigate back home. Some people stay a bit too long and lose faith in their abilities to make it in the world back home. For myself, I hope I am in a third category. My plan is to straddle two worlds. My plan is to live in South Korea 60-70% of the year and go back home for the other 30-40% because of family. This might not happen right away but that is the long term goal. If you would like to hear more about my plan you can always reach out to me and ask.

ESL Transition: What's Next?

Now we are finally at a point with the "What's Next" project, where we have done the market research and a couple beta/client test programs. We know what works and doesn't work. My early morning calls jammed in between training for marathons and games with middle school students. I have had to change gears from Instruction Checking Questions in a middle school ESL classroom to helping individuals sift through companies mission statements; with the goal of seeing if they are truly making the world a better place or if it is just corporate jargon. Unfortunately, like most things, the difference between good and evil might be a point of view. Jeff Bezos is praised by so many but demonized by just as many.

Thankfully, Mete, the leadership coach in the program is here to steer the ship. I couldn't have gotten to this point without him. Linkedin is probably the best place to see his body of work. His leadership coaching website is mostly in Japanese because he is based in Japan and most of his leadership coaching is done in Japanese. However, don't make the mistake that I did when we first got introduced. I started speaking slowly and with a very limited vocabulary, but it turns out his English is better than mine. The following is a little more about our project and the timeline.

How Mete and I Connected

Mete's LinkedIn

Accountability and Professional Development

Life abroad can be tough with these two factors and this is absolutely what Mete and I provide. Sure you can try to build your own groups and lean on your friends, but unfortunately we live in a busy world that is constantly changing. Our friends abroad have priorities that change or they move away. The accountability groups fade and fizzle away for a variety of reasons. The professional development and empowering story of your life abroad is needed. The gap in the resume isn't a problem. The gap without a TRUE powerful story of how you spent your gap is. We will work with you to fine-tune your story or work with you to create a project to work on in the gap time.

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