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Updated: Oct 21, 2019

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  • What is the Bridge the Gap Program?

The 10 page comprehensive guide allows you to sit with big questions that are pin balling around in your head.  It gives you actionable items to get you to the next step.  

Ending ESL Next Step Plan

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Bridge The Gap Trials Officially are OVER 🙂 

We want to thank our participants for joining and wish them the best on their journey in the next chapter of their lives.  It was an eye opening experience to work with people who have such different parameters on what they want out of life.   They also have very different skillsets. They also have different career dreams.  It was an absolutely amazing experience to be their mentor during the remaining months they had in South Korea.

Think about how you got to Asia and set up teaching English.

Did it happen overnight?  

No it happened with small steps and you put in a lot of time.  

There were probably a lot of dips and sideways action.  

Your journey back home will probably be like that.

You probably came through a recruiter or had a school sponsor your VISA. You had someone or something needing your services. They had invested interest in getting you set up comfortably in their country. Unfortunately, you are on your own for the way back.


You work with ESL Transitions :)

What is the Bridge The Gap program?

A self-paced accountability coaching and mentoring program. You get video Zoom live calls and actionable items to knock off during your week.

Our accountability calls are important because they force you to do show up with progress.  Most calls take just 20 minutes.  

This allows ESL teachers to get from a few ideas on what to do next to flexible clarity. The ultimate result of the bridge that gap program should come from the participant but most likely it will be one of the following...

1. Clarity on how they will make money in the future

2. Clarity on their purpose

We are building a waiting list for the Bridge The Gap program. 

You can automatically sign up to hear more by getting our

FREE PDF GUIDE: Ending ESL Next Step Plan

What We Learned From Our Trials

It takes longer than you think..


While searching for the ideal candidates for the Bridge The Gap program we were selective.  Their timelines were long and that is one of the reasons we decided to work with them.  They started in spring and were leaving in summer/early autumn.  They planned on taking time off after their ESL job came to a close.  They didn’t want to begin working for 6 months to a year later.  This gave us a tremendous timeline to work with.

Even for those that have done a lot of personal work it is still a big transition. It is still a very challenging process.  We selected individuals who were on the easier side and it was still very challenging for them.

Progress will not be linear.  

Stuff happens and our participants had high hopes and wanted fast gains. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen like that for almost all of us. Last year I was extremely convinced that you need at the very least 3 to 6 months to execute our program. The one-click-away world has us in a instant gratification vortex. Now I am thinking you will need a longer time line the longer you have been away. We are on our own so much in Asia and not allowed to use our high level thinking most of our hours. ESL transitions gives you a place to dream and then keep narrowing in on the next step by showing up and completing custom built actions.

Even if you do not take our course or work with us, please start your process back home now. It will take longer than you think.

Not only will it take longer than you think but you also want to enjoy the last months of your contract instead of stressing about what is next.

Contact us to have a call and get your brain started working on the questions that will allow the answers to your next step to come in time.

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