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We are looking for 4 new people to take the Bridge The Gap Program.

Free for the first 5 that qualify

What is it?

Coaching and Mentoring program that takes your idea(s) and guides you through the start of the project and ensures you maintain momentum until you complete your end goal. Your end goal is up to you. Don't worry if you don’t have a clue.

Talk to us for free in a 20 minute no strings attached brainstorming session.

Hopefully that is all you will need and you jump-start yourself to take action.

and then....

take action again.

If action is not happening then it is time to talk to us again about joining the program.

Ideas could range from the start of your own business or a project to show potential employers in the future.

Even a “failed” business venture is a success if it is articulated in the right way for a future potential employer. We will build that story together.

This is for you if…

You are at the end of your ESL career and the future path is unclear.

Read on.

Mentor’s Advice: Get back to your home country and get that resume out and volunteer right away or get a part time job as you search for the next step. Whatever you do keep moving forward. If you need to rest then hopefully you planned properly to give yourself that time to do so. It will be tough at times adjusting to life back home because after the initial excitement fades from your friends and family most won’t understand what you are going through. Read blogs and reach out to friends who have already transitioned back a few years earlier. I am sure they would love to help you out if you are willing to listen to how they navigated life back home.

Check out the What’s Next Facebook page and search for previous comments. If you don’t find what you are looking, post a comment with your questions. If that still isn’t enough you can reach out to Mete and myself to discuss the end result that you desire.

After over three years of research I have surveyed the ESL community, read ebooks on teachers who have done research in this topic, talked peoples ear off about what’s next, hunted people down for video chats, and have my own personal experience which will serve as an assistance in this critical time for you.

The end result that will come from Mete and I isn’t one size fits all. In fact, it is the complete opposite. The course is tailored made to you and to assist you in your development at your exact life situation and needs. This is why we are only going to accept the right 5 candidates for this specific program. A company that has the foundation you can take and run with. A volunteer project that you started and completed that your future employer will drool over in your interview.

What Makes it Different?

Personal development is a multi-billion dollar industry and with good reason. The opportunity to craft your own life has never been more obtainable and the amount of directions your life can take is almost infinite and now comes the paradox. With limitless options the path can be daunting and we get distracted. You can read books and take web courses and act on the newfound knowledge and I hope you do. Or you can talk to Mete and myself. Whatever you do, make sure you take action and once that action is complete make sure you link it to the next. Keep moving forward. Always.

This is not a generic service for anyone. This is only for a select few. ESL teachers are a rare and unique bunch to begin with. Not many people are willing to leave their world behind to come to a non-English speaking country and make their lives more difficult. We are looking for people who want to take a step forward in their transition and get away from negativity groups.

The One; The Only

This is different than any other personal development coaching project because we will build a project together. Mete has lived in Japan for over twenty years and while he has not worked in ESL himself he has seen many teachers come and go. He has observed these tough transitions from the outside looking in. Ryan is living your experience now. He has taught English for 3 years. Mete is the leadership coach and Ryan is the mentor. Ryan and Mete are aligned with a mutual respect but with healthy different opinions and processes.

There isn't another program like this out there.

The Ideal Candidate

has lived in Asia for more than 3 years

is leaving the ESL world in 6 - 12 months

has the burning desire to transition out of ESL

Has many ideas but does not know where to start

Must haves:

Ability to work on deadlines

Ability to listen and change when necessary

This program is in beta testing so we are asking for the following.

All sessions being recorded

We will also as you for Video and written testimonials upon completion

Feedback about our performance as mentor and coach will be asked frequently.

This is why it is so critical that we get the right 5 people to join. You will essentially be building and shaping this community with us.

You will be able to look back on this years from now and know you were at the start of a long line of ESL teachers that used the What’s Next: Bridge the Gap program to turn the new chapter of their life that leveled up their quality of life.

Contact us now to brainstorm the next steps in your life.

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