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Planning Life After ESL? Where to Start

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

For this article I am assuming you already made the decision to turn the page on your ESL career and are looking to start a new chapter in your life.

A. Start Your Own Business

B. Get Employed By Someone(outside of teaching)

Transitioning out of anything is daunting especially when so many parts of your life are easy and comfortable. However, you probably left the comfort of your own home and country to teach English, so you can do it again!

Here are a few places to start...

Transitioning Out of ESL

1. Facebook Groups

Join Facebook groups around potential areas of interest for you. As time goes by you can cross off ones that are not leading you to areas in demand. The goal here is to gain information that is directly related to your present situation and future.

Search First

Know how to search for keywords within the group. This will be extremely valuable for your research.

Ask Later

Many people are out there are willing to give you valuable information if you know how to ask for it. Crafting questions to people in these groups might even be better for you than the answers you receive. Don't give a tremendous amount of weight to the answers but the questions will allow you to get your brain thinking of the direction you want to go in.

2. Linkedin

This one really should be first because it is the professional side to social media. However, you probably are reading this because of Facebook so that is what I went with first. Search in areas of interest and job titles you want. Once you find areas of interest you can reverse engineer how to get there.

3. Talk Talk Talk

Hopefully you will be listening more than talking but reach out to friends, family, and people who have transitioned out of ESL teaching and who are onto the next part of the life adventure. You will find that people who have transitioned to and from other careers will have similar problems they faced. Living in another country for a long period of time definitely adds many layers, but it is good to talk to a wide variety of people. Who knows, maybe people you talk to now could become business partners or future employers down the line. However, it would be best to not go in with that intention.

You could even reach out to five people that know you best and tell them to write a list of strengths and weaknesses. I have done this in the past and didn't do it with the intention of gaining employment or finding out what is next but it might help you know yourself better and in turn allow you to uncover what is next.

Having trouble with analysis by paralysis after these preliminary steps?

Check out Mete's article on Courage to Choose

4. Complimentary Call

Take a 20 minute Zoom video call with myself and Mete. You don't have to come with anything prepared or you can come with your 30 page business proposal to use it as a practice session for pitching investors.

We are looking for 3 more members for our trial Bridge the Gap Program. The program is 100% for a limited time. Book a call here!

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