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Should you ditch the 9-5 and Be a Digital Nomad?

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

First of all...I don't understand the why one is a black mark and the internet idolizes the other. The fantasy of working for yourself doesn't look like much of a fantasy, to be honest. It has its pros of course, like anything else. Think long and hard about the decision or at least try it on the side before you make the jump. Just remember that you can't clock out and that your mind will always be on; unless you utilize the proper tools.

You are trading the illusion of security for the mystery of the unknown.

How to Evaluate Internet Opportunities

Be Careful of Marketing but Don't Write Everything Off

We see it everywhere on the internet. Click funnel after click funnel. So once again, do your research and know where the person you are speaking to is coming from. Know their background and know their incentives.

How to evaluate a potential opportunity?

1. Be open, but ask many questions.

2. If the opportunity doesn't allow you to operate in the way that aligns with your ethics; DON'T DO IT.

3. Value. Value. Value. What do you get?

I wanted to include a link to a company here but don't want to open up any defamation causing damage to anyone's business. However, these were my thoughts I had while taking a look at this opportunity.

They really did internet marketing extremely well, in my opinion. They have their face, John, and he tells his story of rags to riches. For me, it really isn't my style. Or maybe it is because I don't have that rags to richest story. No rags and certainly no riches(yet). He makes you believe you can do it too and to be honest I am sure you can. Now, to be fair, he tells you that it will be a lot of work but many get blinded by the end result he shows and our minds don't capture the years of work and the years of failure this guy probably put in. Once again, he does marketing extremely well with showing so much of the process. He shows how he has helped others set up their businesses and with potential clients his fellow business members. He shows the potential clients the bottom line, $$$. He shows this all with videos and video testimonials.

So where is the bad?

Well you are paying a lot of money to get information that is probably scattered all over the internet. Also, you will be technically in competition with everyone in the group. The thing that really didn't align with my "ethics" is the pressure cooker they put you in. After you have one short call they have a completely arbitrary(my opinion) price hike after only 24 hours. So, great marketing and it for sure serves the purpose. However, I am not getting into that game.

The bottomline:

This opportunity comes down to the network and accountability. If the connections you are able to get by joining the community then it will be 10000% worth it. However, could you just find your own community? Could you just post in facebook groups like ESL Transtions and try to build your own team and start your own business. Probably, but it might take more luck. If you have the extra cash then maybe it will be good to do something like this if you are willing to go ALL IN.

It is never black and white and every opportunity should be considered but almost all should get a No for pursuing.

Note to self and this might help you as well.

Decide and go All In. Don't worry about making mistakes because there are none. Imposter syndrome has me good at times throughout the process of building this ESL Transition business. How can I help someone transition out of ESL when I haven't transitioned out already? I am so grateful to Mete, because without him, none of this would be possible. It has been almost a year since Mete and I have been talking things through. Planning. Progressing. Step by step. An evolution. Slow and steady. In reality, myself still being a teacher is a huge advantage.

Within our program I can give the perspective of a secondary opinion of life as an English teacher if Mete falls short of understanding the struggles we face when bridging the gap to our next step in life. However, Mete falling short of understanding hasn't happened yet. Probably due to his extreme awareness over the last 20 years in Japan seeing ESL teachers come and go in the expat community.

Talk to us today by booking a call with us. If nothing is available, then let's chat and get something available.

Whatever you do next, don't wait. Start small. Start now.

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